Simplifying your Audit, Compliance & Assessments

COMPASS by CyRAACS can help you manage multiple compliance requirements in a single portal. COMPASS allows you to build custom frameworks based on your business and compliance requirements.
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Your GRC Simplified

Accelerate efficiency, encourage collaboration, and effectively connect your teams to navigate today's dynamic risk environment.
Save 30%
Cost savings of up to 30% compared to traditional, manual compliance processes
Efficiency upto 50%
Reduced manual effort and increase in efficiency by up to 50% in the compliance process
Risk Assessment
Integrated risk assessment and management tools

Updated Libraries
Pre-designed libraries covering over 30+ Global Standards, Regulations and Frameworks
Real-time visibility into compliance status across your organization

Flexible Prices
Scalable and flexible pricing models for different organization sizes

How it works

Complete visibility into your cyber assets

We go beyond just the obvious ones (endpoints, IP addresses, devices) to cover SaaS applications, code repositories, vulnerabilities, IAM policies, and
Monitor complex, multi- cloud environments
Monitor and consolidate asset data across vast, multi-cloud environments, with the option to auto-remediate from the COMPASS platform.
Manage your infosec risks in a single place
Track and monitor your infosec risks across assets, vendors, employees, and processes. Identify mitigation controls, and assign and track mitigation tasks.
Make compliance radically simple

Continuously monitor
compliance towards commonly known frameworks like NIST, SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO 27001, CCPA, as well as custom frameworks from a single platform.


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Standard Assessments
Risk Management
Issue Management

Standard Assessments

Get ready to leave your compliance worries and welcome streamlined, efficient compliance with COMPASS!

Risk Management

Unleash the power of proactive risk management with COMPASS. Our advanced data-driven approach helps you identify, assess, and treat risks with precision and confidence.

Issue Management

Abandon the mess of endless spreadsheets and redundant tools! Embrace a streamlined, integrated solution with COMPASS for effortless issue management!


Simplify compliance reporting with COMPASS - the ultimate tool for producing accurate, timely, high-quality reports.

Compliances Supported

COMPASS supports 30+ pre-designed libraries covering Global Standards, Regulations and Frameworks for Cyber Security and offers Customizable Frameworks and Reporting capabilities.

Regulatory Standards

Check our frameworks

Global Standards and Frameworks

Check our frameworks

Other Frameworks

Check our frameworks

COMPASS provides complete visibility into your security controls, a clear understanding of your compliance posture, and actionable recommendations to remediate issues, without any clutter.
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